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Mayflower, Day by Day - Monday, 22 February [1620]/21

22 Feb 2021 3:27 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchorage

Getting goods on shore. 

We looked last week at Samuel Fuller, the physician.  His older brother, Edward Fuller, was also a passenger.  While Samuel survived until 1633, Edward and his wife (whose name remains unknown) died “soon after they came ashore,” according to Bradford’s 1651 list.  Caleb Johnson’s analysis of that list places Edward Fuller as a member of John Robinson’s Leiden congregation prior to 1620 (TAG 80 [2005]: 99).  In 1985, Jeremy Bangs published a Leiden record that was thought to indicate Edward Fuller (MQ 51 [1985]: 58), but Donald Blauvelt demonstrated that this “Eduwaert Fauwler, Englishman” was still alive in 1622, a year after our Edward Fuller died (MQ 86 [2020]: 32-33).  Edward was born at Redenhall, Norfolk, in 1575 (bapt. 4 September 1575, the son of Robert Fuller: NEHGR 55 [1901]: 192, 410-416).  He married by about 1605 (MQ 86 [2020]: 34-35); his wife’s name is unknown, and she also died about February 1620/21. 

His son Samuel (easily confused with his brother Samuel, although Edward’s son is regularly mentioned as “Samuel Fuller Junior”) received three acres in the 1623 division of land (for himself, and for his mother and father who died the first winter: Plymouth Colony Records 12:4; MD 40:12).  After being orphaned shortly after arriving in Plymouth with his parents on the Mayflower, Samuel was raised by his uncle, Samuel Fuller (are you confused yet?).  Samuel (Jr.) moved to Scituate in 1635, where he married Jane Lothrop (daughter of the Rev. John Lothrop and his first wife Hannah Howes), and later moved to Barnstable on Cape Cod, where he died in 1683 at about the age of 80.  He was the only Mayflower passenger to settle permanently in Barnstable.  He and Jane had nine children, so there are many descendants today (including myself).

Matthew Fuller, a physician, came to Plymouth in 1640, and extensive research has led to the conclusion that Matthew was an elder son of Edward Fuller (Bruce MacGunigle, Robert Sherman, Robert Wakefield, “Was Matthew Fuller of Plymouth Colony a Son of Pilgrim Edward Fuller?" TAG 61 [1986]: 194-199, and yes, I am descended from Matthew Fuller, too).  Matthew was one of the first physicians to settle in Barnstable; he took a public stand on the side of the unpopular Quakers and was fined for it.  He died a wealthy man (for the times) in 1678.  He and his wife Frances (maiden surname unknown) had five children: the fourth daughter (Anne Fuller, b. c. 1640, probably in England but perhaps in Plymouth) married Samuel Fuller (bapt. 11 Feb 1637/38: Scituate Vital Records 1:159), the son of, er, um, Samuel Fuller (the Mayflower passenger), thus marrying her first cousin.

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