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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 25 February [1620]/21

25 Feb 2021 2:52 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchorage

A fair day; northerly wind and frost.

Bradford notes that “Thomas Tinker and his wife and son all died in the first sickness”; the 1651 list does not mention the names of either Tinker’s wife or son.  Thomas Tinker’s name occurs in Leiden records when he became a citizen on 6 January 1617 [n.s.] (guaranteed by Abraham Gray and John Keble); his occupation was listed as a wool sawyer.  Caleb Johnson suggests that he may be the same as Thomas Tinker, carpenter, who married Jane White on 25 June 1609 in Thurne, Norfolk (Mayflower Passengers, 239).  The maiden name White is an intriguing connection, but nothing has been found to support any possibilities.  This is one of the families that was wiped out completely by the sickness, and about which little, if anything, is known.

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