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Mayflower, Day by Day - Wednesday, 7 April 1621

7 Apr 2021 2:49 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchorage

The Pilgrims really did not have a whole lot to show for the last six months.  Forty-five dead out of one hundred and two, only a handful of buildings up -- and most of them were not finished, not a single fur-bearing animal trapped, and precisely one (1) single fish caught, and that was found on the shore so you can’t really count it as “caught,” but it more or less threw itself at them.  With the Speedwell back in England, it was impossible to do any serious fishing.  They needed fish nets, hooks, as well as gun powder and other supplies that could not be made on site.  If the Mayflower left soon (and it showed all signs of doing so), it might be able to make it back quickly, and the Adventurers could stock up another ship with supplies and send it back, so that it might arrive by the beginning of September, if they were lucky.  But if the Adventurers were angry that there was no return -- absolutely none -- on their investment, it was impossible to tell when, or if, anything might come.

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