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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 13 July 1621

13 Jul 2021 3:45 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Fish Camp

“Passing on at length, one of the company, an Indian, espied a man and told the rest of it. We asked them if they feared any; they told us that if they were Narraganset men they would not trust them, whereat, we called for our pieces and bid them not to fear; for though they were twenty, we two alone would not care for them:  but they hailing him, he proved a friend, and had only two women with him:  their baskets were empty but they fetched water in their bottles, so that we drank with them and departed.  After, we met another man with other two women, which had been at rendezvous by the salt water, and their baskets were full of roasted crab, fishes, and other dried shell fish, of which they gave us, and we ate and drank with them, and gave each of the women a streak of beads, and departed.”  The two messengers were clearly aware of the danger of making this trip so close to enemy territory; they also had to be careful about their food, since they were close to running out of the supplies they had brought with them, despite the generosity of everyone with whom they came in contact.

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