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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 15 July 1621

15 Jul 2021 3:19 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Conclusion of meeting with Massasoit

“The next day, being Thursday, many of their sachems, or petty governors, came to see us, and many of their men also. There they went to their manner of games for skins and knives. There we challenged them to shoot with them for skins:  but they durst not: only they desired to see one of us shoot a mark, who shooting with hail-shot, they wondered to see the mark so full of holes.”

About one o'clock, Massasoit brought two fishes that he had shot; “they were like bream but three times so big, and better meat. These being boiled there were at least forty looked for share in them, the most ate of them: this meal only we had in two nights and a day, and had not one of us bought a partridge we had taken our journey fasting: very importunate he was to have us stay with them longer:  but we desired to keep the Sabbath at home:  and feared we should either be light-headed for want of sleep, for want with bad lodging, the savages' barbarous singing (for they use to sing themselves asleep), lice and fleas within doors, and mosquitoes without, we could hardly sleep all the time of our being there; we much fearing that if we should stay any longer, we should not be able to recover home for want of strength. “  Pokanoket is probably not going to get a five star review for overnight accommodation from the Pilgrims.

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