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Mayflower, Day by Day - Sunday, 18 July 1621

18 Jul 2021 3:18 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Back for the Sabbath

Note, in the quotations for the last week or so, the constant refrain that Winslow kept up about the repayment for the corn that was taken last November from the storage pits on Cape Cod.  He not only met the man whose corn was taken during the expedition to Nauset to retrieve John Billington, but he also brought the matter up with Massasoit in their negotiations on this most recent trip.  This shows not only that the Pilgrims did not come to the New World for the purposes of theft or destruction, and acted only out of the desperation of starving people, but it also shows that the Pilgrims wanted others to know this as well: Winslow wanted the repayment to be done by Massasoit, rather than by the settlers, even though Massasoit had not been responsible for the taking of the corn, so that all of the Indians would know that the Pilgrims had accepted this responsibility.  This was also put in the description that was included in Mourt’s Relation, which was intended for circulation in England and Holland, so that readers in the Old World would know that the Pilgrims intended to lead a godly life according to God’s law.  When Winslow spoke with sorrow to the Indians of the activity of the seizures and captivity of Captain Hunt, and included this in his chronicle, he surely was sending a notice, if not a warning, that this was exceptional, and should not be attempted again.

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