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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 20 July 1621

20 Jul 2021 3:58 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Looking back

With the return of Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins, things quieted down for the settlers in Plymouth to a regular rhythm.  In trying to write about what happened exactly four hundred years ago on this day, for the next month or so there would be a string of “more of the same” posts.  Because I started last September, on the day after the Speedwell sprung a leak (again!), there were a couple of months (or, more exactly, the forty-two days from 25 July 1620 until 6 September 1620) for which I had no posts.  I propose to fill in that gap starting next Sunday, so these postings will cover what happened exactly four-hundred-and-one years ago.  For a couple of days, in which we know things happened in 1621, I will have two parts for the post, but the only time that should happen would be in the strike against Corbitant towards the end of August.  I will then pick back up with 1621 at the beginning of September.  I still plan on ending this project when the Fortune sails back to England in December.  But right now it is taking me more and more time to write less and less.

The downside of all of this is that the days of the week will not match up, as they have for the past year: 25 July 1621 was a Sunday; 25 July 1620 was a Saturday; 25 July 2021 will be a Sunday.

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