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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 22 July 1621

22 Jul 2021 3:56 AM | Soule (Administrator)


As we prepare to step back in time to Holland on the eve of the Pilgrims’ departure, we can see who was left a year later: of the one hundred and two passengers who had sailed from England and Holland, these were the survivors who saw the summer of 1621: John Alden; William Bradford; Isaac Allerton and his children: Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary; John and Eleanor Billington and their sons, John and Francis; William and Mary Brewster, their sons Love and Wrestling, and their charge, the bastard Richard More; Mary Chilton, orphaned at fourteen; Francis Cooke and his son John; Elizabeth Tilley, orphaned at thirteen, and her infant cousin, Humility Cooper; John Crackstone; Francis Eaton and his infant son Samuel; Samuel Fuller and his nephew (of the same name); Richard Gardinar; John Goodman and his buddy Peter Browne; Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins and all of their children: Constance, Giles, Damaris and little Oceanus, and their two servants Edward Doty and Edward Leister; Priscilla Mullins; Joseph Rogers; Henry Samson; George Soule; Myles Standish; William Trevor; Richard Warren; Susanna White, her five year old son Resolved and her infant son Peregrine; Edward Winslow and his brother Gilbert; a servant known only as “Mr. Ely”; the Carvers’ three servants, Desire Minter, a girl named Dorothy, and John Howland, who all survived the winter but were unemployed by May, when the last of the Carver family died.

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