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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 21 September 1621

21 Sep 2021 2:52 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Northern Neighbours (part two)

By all appearances, Alexander had no personal experiences in the New World, and knew little about how make his new colony a reality. Neither could he point to active service in the remoter regions of the British Isles that had marked the careers of men like the third and fourth lords Ochiltree, Bishop Knox, Captain John Mason, Lord Falkland, or Lord Baltimore. However, he was not entirely unaware of the difculty of the task he had set for himself. He had discussed the general points relating to plantation schemes with no less an authority than John Mason, who in 1620 had returned from Newfoundland, and had penned his observations on that country. Alexander was further encouraged in his efforts by Sir Ferdinando Gorges, an ofcer of the (newly formed, as of last autumn) New England Company and someone involved with parallel efforts to plant settlements to the south of Alexander’s mainland patent: in the Pilgrim’s back yard.  See J.P. Baxter, ed., Sir Ferdinando Gorges and His Province of Maine, 55–6.

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