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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 23 September 1621

23 Sep 2021 3:03 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Allegiance to King James

Nine Sachems subscribed an Instrument of Submission to King James I/VI: Oquamehud, Canacum (the sachem who had sent John Billington to the Nausets), Obbatinnua, Nattawahunt, Corbitant, Chikkatabak, Quadequina (Massasoit’s brother), Huttamoiden, and Epenow (Plymouth Colony Records 1:133, 4:24-26, 5:76; Morton, New England’s Memoriall, 44-45).  Morton's New England's Memoriall recorded, “Yea Masassoit in Writing under his Hand to Capt. Standish has owned the King of England to be his Master: Both He and many other Kings under Him, as of Pamet, Nawset, Cummaquid, Namasket, with diverse others who dwell about the Bays of Patuxet and Massachusett: and all this by friendly Usage, Love and Peace, just & honest Carriage, good Counsel.”  Tomorrow we will consider what the terms of this submission meant, and what the natives thought that they were doing in signing it.

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