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Mayflower, Day by Day - Friday, 19 November 1621

19 Nov 2021 3:46 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Arrives a Ship at Cape Cod

A ship appeared at the tip of Cape Cod this afternoon -- the first in a year.

It was the Fortune, at the end of a four month journey.  To summarise: the Mayflower had arrived back in England in May, virtually empty, with stories of a disastrous winter.  Thomas Weston had scrambled to put together a group of additional settlers -- some had been passengers on the Speedwell, but had stayed in England because there was not enough room on the overcrowded Mayflower for them to make their intended journey last year.  Others were those Weston could gather quickly from London.  Since the Adventurers had learned that the colony was outside of their grant of land, a new patent was quickly obtained.  Weston wrote a letter to the new colony, chastising them for their falling so far short of their agreement, addressed it to the man whom he thought was the leader (John Carver, who had died eight months ago), and bundled this all on a small ship and sent it to -- without supplies -- to -- he did not know where.  When the Fortune arrived today at (what is now) Provincetown, they had only the vaguest ideas of where the Pilgrims were.  No one on the ship had been to New England, much less Plymouth, before.

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