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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 25 November 1621

25 Nov 2021 2:47 AM | Soule (Administrator)

The list

The Fortune (1621):

1.                  John Adams

2.                  William Bassett

3.                  Elizabeth Bassett

4.                  William Beale*

5.                  Edward Bompasse (Bumpas)

6.                  Jonathan Brewster

7.                  Clement Briggs

8.                  John Cannon*

9.                  William Conner (Coner)*

10.              Robert Cushman

11.              Thomas Cushman

12.              Stephen Deane

13.              Philip Delano

14.              Thomas Flavel

15.              (son) Flavel

16.              _____ Ford

17.              Mrs. Martha Ford

18.              John Ford

19.              Martha Ford

20.              (son) Ford

21.              Robert Hicks (Hix)

22.              William Hilton

23.              Benedict Morgan

24.              Thomas Morton

25.              Augustine (Austen) Nicolas*

26.              William Palmer

27.              William Palmer (son)

28.              William Pitt*

29.              Thomas Prence

30.              Moses Simonson

31.              Hugh Stacy*    

32.              James Steward*

33.              William Tench*

34.              John Winslow

35.              William Wright

This is the only way I can get the records to yield 35 names, and I believe that this accounts for everyone.  With the exception of the eight men who are not mentioned other than in the 1623 land division (each given an asterisk in this list), all of the other passengers will be introduced in at least a summary fashion over the next few days.  As I said yesterday, these eight each received a single acre in the land division, and were thus probably unmarried at the time, and are not recorded anywhere else in either New England or England; it is reasonable to assume that they either died after 1623 or returned to England.

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