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Mayflower, Day by Day - Saturday, 18 December 1621

18 Dec 2021 2:57 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Cushman’s sermon

Robert Cushman had brought the sober news that those who had financed the voyage were displeased and required the Pilgrims to sign an amended contract. Cushman and Bradford convinced them to sign. The amended contract greatly benefitted the Pilgrims with additional support from their financiers. During his short visit to New England he would make a contribution of a spiritual nature, as well: Cushman was committed to the extreme Protestantism the Pilgrims espoused, and spent time in prison in England for it. In 1619 he wrote a book about his experience called The Cry of a Stone, on how the Church of England was no church.  The title of his sermon in Plymouth this weekend was “The Sin and Danger of Self-Love and the Sweetness of True Friendship,” with teaching and exhortation as to the danger of selfishness and how to live a godly, unselfish life.  Although the language is somewhat difficult for us to read today, it’s an excellent sermon, and parts are quite moving.  It is credited with changing the settlers’ minds so that they finally agreed to the contract.  And undoubtedly occasioned complaints that all sermons are about money.

Portions of this sermon tomorrow.

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