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Memorable Soules

13 Jun 2018 3:34 PM | Sara Soule-Chapman (Administrator)
Many descendants of George Soule and Mary Beckett have obtained notoriety.  Listed below are some of them.  Feel free to add to the list!
  • George Soule, Mayflower Pilgrim, signer of the Mayflower Compact, 1620, a founder of Duxbury, Massachusetts.
  • Mary Becket, wife of George Soule, arrived in Plymouth on the Anne in 1623.  She bore nine children: Zachariah, John, Nathaniel, George, Susanna, Mary, Elizabeth, Patience and Benjamin.
  • Benjamin Soule, youngest son of George and Mary, died in King Phillips’s War against the Indians, Rhode Island 1676.
  • William West, grandson of George and Mary, served as Brigadier General in the American Revolution, 1775-1777, Lt. Governor, and Justice of Rhode Island’s Supreme Court, 1787-89.
  • Amasa Soule, abolitionist, moved to Kansas in 1854 to advocate for an anti slavery state.  There he headed the Underground Railway and led slaves to freedom.
  • Silas Stillman Soule, abolitionist, Civil War hero, refused to fire against unarmed Indians at the Massacre at Sand Creek, 1864.  
  • Samuel W. Soule was part of the three-person team that invented the first practical typewriting machine, 1868. 
  • William Stinson Soule is best known for his Indian photographs on the Western plains, 1870’s.
  • Nathan Soule, U.S. Representative from New York, 1831-1833.
  • Augustus Lord Soule served as a Justice on the Massachusetts State Supreme Court, 1877-1881.
  • Edgar C. Soule, served as U.S. Consul in Cartagena, 1922.
  • Capt Floyd M. Soule, scientist and pioneer in oceanography, charted iceberg areas of the North Atlantic, 1963.
  • Dick Van Dyke, movie and television actor, descends through George and Mary’s son John.
  • Eldress Gertrude Soule, one of the last Shaker survivors, died at age 93 at the Canterbury Shaker Village, 1988.
  • Richard Gere, movie actor, is a 12th generation descendant who can trace his family to George and 5 other Mayflower passengers.
  • Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush descend from Sarah Soule who was born in England and immigrated to Plymouth after the Mayflower.  It is not known if she was related to George Soule.


  • 15 Jun 2018 1:15 PM | Deleted user
    My Sarah Soole was the daughter of Thomas Soole and Marye Iddenden, Thomas'father was John Soole married to Maria Whitfield. John's father was George Soole married to Mary Becket.
    Sarah married Samuel Hinckley. Samuel was the son of Thomas/Robert Hinckley and Margaret unknown last name.
    My research has Sarah christened 8 June 1600 in Hawkhurst, Kent, England, married 17 May 1617 to Samuel, death 18 Aug. 1656 with another death listed 31 Oct, 1662 Barnstable, MA
    My 16th grandparents
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  • 14 Jul 2018 5:27 PM | Deleted user
    My Mother Joy Coleen Monson Bangerter, first lady of the state of Utah from 1985 to 1993 is a direct descendant of Gorge and Mary Soule through their daughter Patience.
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  • 23 Nov 2018 5:40 PM | Melanie Daniels
    John Aldridge Frazier, founder of Carlsbad, California and a California 49er, was the 4th g-grandson of George Soule.
    [George, Susannah (Soule) West, Susannah (West) Barber, Dinah (Barber) Wilcox, Lydia (Wilcox) Saunders, Stephen, Elias, Frances (Saunders) Frazier, John Aldridge Frazier]

    Here is his statue in Carlsbad, Ca: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlsbad,_California#/media/File:JohnFrazier.jpg
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