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New! - Directory of Members with Accepted Lineage

23 Oct 2018 5:03 PM | Russell Francis (Administrator)

Do you wonder how many other Soule Kindred members share a common Soule Ancestor with you? You may have a few closer cousins than you think.

One of the features of our new Soule Kindred website allows members to search the lineage of other members who have a known lineage to George Soule.

How to find other Soule Kindred members with similar lineage:

If you are a member, login to the website, go to the MEMBERS ONLY menu item and select MEMBERS WITH ACCEPTED LINEAGE. (If you are not yet a member, please consider joining as one of the benefits of membership in Soule Kindred is having access to the Directory of Members with Accepted Lineage.)

You’ll see an alphabetical list of members who have had their lineage accepted by our Lineage Assistance Committee. If your lineage has already been accepted, you’ll find your name on that list. Just type your name in the search box and your name and accepted lineage should pop up on the list.

If you wish to find other members with a similar lineage, just type the name of one of your ancestors and all members with that name in their list will pop up. In the following example, I typed “Abigail Anthony” and found one member who had the name Abigail Anthony in her lineage. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this member and I share the same 4th-5th great grandmother, Abigail (Soule) Anthony.

Are you curious how many members share one of George Soule’s children or grandchildren with you? Just type in the name of the child or grandchild and you find a list of all members who share the same child or grandchild (please see the note that follows). If I type in “Sylvanus”, I find 36 members with that name in their profile.

Note: The search is not field specific, so if you search by name, it could be anywhere in any approved lineage, or in a member’s name. So you’ll need to go through the list of results to be sure the name is the one you’re searching for. For instance, when I did the search for “Anthony”, the list displayed a member with the name Anthony but who had no Soule descendants with the name Anthony. If you type “John”, one of George’s sons, you find 181 matches because a lot of members have the name John in their lineage that are not the son of George. Despite this flaw, I think your find this search feature very useful and a nice benefit of membership in Soule Kindred.

Finally, if you click on a member’s name in the list, it will bring up part of his/her profile allowing you to send a message to that individual. This information is only available to dues-paying members. If that does not include you, won’t you join Soule Kindred now by clicking here.

Just to clarify, the Directory of Members with Accepted Lineage is separate from the Family Tree Database (FTD). The FTD is a completely different database containing complete lineages of many of our members with supporting documentation. In order to insure the integrity of the FTD, your lineage must first be accepted by the Lineage Assistance Committee (LAC). The LAC will then enter your lineage in the Directory of Members with Accepted Lineage. To access the FTD you must register for a separate user account. Contact Deanna Lucas for questions regarding the FTD.

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