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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 10 September 1620

10 Sep 2020 2:53 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Why did they turn back?

If the Speedwell had not been overmasted, both she and the Mayflower would have arrived early in the fall (probably by the middle of October) at the mouth of the Hudson River, and the whole course of New England history would have been entirely different.  It does appear, however, that most of the leaders of the community (Bradford, Brewster, Cushman, Winslow, and their families) were on the Speedwell when it started to leak; letting the Mayflower continue on its way by itself, to arrive in New Amsterdam before the weather turned bad, was not a good or viable option, since that would have deprived the emigrant community of its religious and commercial leaders (“the cheefe of them that came from Leyden,” in Bradford’s words).

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