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Mayflower, Day by Day - Saturday, 12 September 1620

12 Sep 2020 2:39 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Final determinations

As the transfer of cargo from the Speedwell to the Mayflower continued, passengers were reassigned.  Robert Cushman and Thomas Blossom, and their families, decided to stay in England.  While Elizabeth (Walker) Warren and her five daughters stayed in England, her husband Richard, a London merchant who had probably provided part of the financing for the voyage to New England, was included among the Mayflower passengers, with the hope that his wife and children would join him later.  (They came to him on the Anne in 1623, and Richard and Elizabeth subsequently had sons Nathaniel and Joseph at Plymouth.)  Philip Delano (Philippe de la Noye), part of the Leiden community and a passenger on the Speedwell, also stayed in England and took passage the following year on the Fortune.  In all, eleven people from the Speedwell boarded the Mayflower, leaving 20 people to return to London.  From what we can tell, most of those 20 eventually did reach the New World.

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