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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 15 September 1620

15 Sep 2020 2:16 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Quarters Assigned

Some of the principal passengers aboard the Mayflower went ashore in Plymouth and were entertained by other Separatist brethren on this, their last full day in England (“having been kindly entertained and courteously used by divers friends there dwelling,” Mourt’s Relation).  The passengers were all assigned quarters today on the Mayflower, which must have been a daunting task.  There were 102 passengers, and a crew of perhaps 35 men, for a total of about 135 men, women and children (along with two dogs).  However, at about 180 tons, the Mayflower was considered a smaller cargo ship, having travelled mainly between England and Bordeaux with clothing and wine, not an ocean ship, and not designed to carry passengers.  A good, strong ship was at least 300 tons, which made the Mayflower relatively small.  Some had better quarters than others, some much more and heavier furniture, while some had bulky and heavy goods for their personal benefit (such as William Mullins’ cases of “boots and shoes”).  The assignments were in a large measure determined by the requirements of the women and children: analysis of the list shows that there were nineteen women, ten young girls, and one infant requiring special consideration. Of the other children, none were so young that they couldn’t readily bunk with or near their fathers in any part of the ship in which the men might be located.

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