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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 13 October 1620

13 Oct 2020 2:57 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Children on the Mayflower

“Strong October gales” persist, and the Mayflower continues to be blown off course.   Caleb Johnson notes that most of the Pilgrim parents decided to leave the girls behind in England or Holland, and sent for them later once everything was built and more comfortable: William Brewster brought his sons Love and Wrestling, but left his daughters Patience and Fear behind; Thomas Rogers brought his son Joseph, but left his daughters Elizabeth and Margaret; Francis Cooke brought his son John, but left his daughters Jane and Hester; Richard Warren had five daughters, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth and Abigail, ranging in ages from 2-10 years old, but he left them in England with his wife Elizabeth; Degory Priest left behind his daughters Mary and Sarah.

Eleven girls, however, ranging in ages from 1 through 17, did make the voyage on the Mayflower with their families. And perhaps more surprisingly, young girls proved to have the strongest bodies of all: the first winter, 78% of the women died, 50% of the men died, 36% of the boys died, but only two girls (18%) died.  There were fewer deaths among the children than among the adults that first winter, which ultimately increased the chances of survival for the struggling colony.  Children on the Mayflower who left descendants, with their approximate ages:

    Priscilla Mullins (17)

    Joseph Rogers (17)

    Henry Sampson (16)

    Constance Hopkins (14)

    Francis Billington (14)

    Love Brewster (13)

    Mary Chilton (13)

    John Cooke (13)

    Elizabeth Tilley (13)

    Samuel Fuller (12), son of Edward Fuller

    Giles Hopkins (12)

    Bartholomew Allerton (7)

    Richard More (6)

    Remember Allerton (5)

    Resolved White (5)

    Mary Allerton (3), the last surviving passenger of the Mayflower, died in 1699

    Samuel Eaton (1)

    Peregrine White (born aboard)

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