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Mayflower, Day by Day - Thursday, 19 November 1620

19 Nov 2020 3:24 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Sighted land at daybreak.

The landfall was made out to be the bluffs of Cape Cod in what is now the town of Truro, Mass.  After a conference between the Master of the ship and the chief colonists, tacked about and stood for the southward.  Wind and weather fair.  Made course SSW, proposing to go to Hudson’s River, ten leagues south of the Cape.  After sailing that course about half the day, between 12 noon and 1:00 pm the ship fell amongst dangerous shoals and foaming breakers [the shoals off Monomoy].  The Mayflower got out of them before nightfall and, the wind being contrary, put round again for the Bay of Cape Cod.  Captain Jones abandoned efforts to go further south and abruptly announced this to passengers at sunset.  No one will question that Jones’ assertion of inability to proceed, and his announced determination to return to Cape Cod harbour probably fell upon many acquiescent ears, for, as Winslow says: “Winter was come; the seas were dangerous; the season was cold; the winds were high, and the region being well furnished for a plantation, we entered upon discovery.”  Tossed for sixty-seven days on the north Atlantic at that season of the year, their food and fire wood well spent, cold, homesick, and gravely ill, the mere thought of once again setting foot on any land, wherever it might be, must have been an allurement that lent Jones some potential aid in his high-handed course.

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