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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 8 December 1620

8 Dec 2020 3:04 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchor, Cape Cod harbour

Cold.  Master Jones and the exploring party were absent on shore with the long-boat and the colonists’ shallop.  Six inches of snow fell yesterday and last night.  The crew was hard at work clearing snow from the ship. 

The shallop, which beached yesterday in a strong wind and harboured there last night, got under way this morning and sailed up the harbour, following the course taken by the long-boat yesterday, with the wind favouring.  By the time they reached Pamet Harbour (in present day Truro) they were so frostbitten and numb that they named it “Cold Harbour.”  Jones explored the northern and larger of the two creeks by land, but gave up after “marching up and down the steep hills, and deep valleys, which lay half a foot thick with snow.”  Some of the Pilgrims wanted to continue, but Jones insisted that it was time to make camp under some large pine trees.  They feasted on six ducks and three geese “with soldiers’ stomachs for we had eaten little all day.”  Cold Harbour was too shallow to support a permanent settlement (“no harbour for ships but only for boats”), so they would have to continue searching tomorrow.

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