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Mayflower, Day by Day - Wednesday, 9 December 1620

9 Dec 2020 2:46 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchor, Cape Cod harbour

Very cold.  Foul weather threatening.

On shore, the exploratory party went looking for the place where they had discovered the corn two weeks ago (“Corn Hill”); the snow made it difficult to find the exact location again, but after brushing away the snow and hacking at the frozen topsoil with their cutlasses (they had not brought spades or shovels), they located the original bag of seed, and an additional ten bushels “of their corn & of their beans of various colours.”    [This seems to be the first mention of beans in Pilgrim literature.  They have held an important place in the New England diet ever since.]  “And sure it was God’s good providence that we found this Corn, for else we know not how we should have done, for we knew not how we should find or meet with any of the Indians, except it be to do us a mischief.” Master Jones then returned towards night to the (relative) warmth of the Mayflower with corn and beans and several men who were too sick to go on (eighteen men remaining ashore). 

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