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Mayflower, Day by Day - Sunday, 13 December 1620

13 Dec 2020 2:44 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchor in Cape Cod harbour

The fourth Sunday here.  Weather very variable.  Discussions continued about settlement, with a variety of reasons being advanced for not staying where they were: “Others again, urged greatly the going to Anguum, or Angoum [modern Ipswich, Massachusetts, north of Cape Ann], a place twenty leagues off to the northwards, which they had heard to be an excellent harbour for ships, better ground, and better fishing.  Secondly, for anything we knew, there might be hard by us a far better seat, and it should be a great hindrance to seat where we should remove again.  Thirdly, the water was but in ponds, and it was thought there would be none in the summer, or very little.  Fourthly, the water there must be fetched up a steep hill.  But to omit many reasons and replies used hereabouts, it was in the end concluded to make some discovery within the bay, but in no case so far as Anguum.”

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