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Mayflower, Day by Day - Tuesday, 15 December 1620

15 Dec 2020 2:42 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchor in harbour 

Weather cold and foul.  Francis Billington, the young son of one of the passengers, put the ship and all in great jeopardy, by shooting off a fowling-piece in his father’s cabin between decks where there was a small barrel of gunpowder open, and many people about the fire close by.  None were hurt.  Ten settlers were chosen to make a third, and more extensive, exploration of sites for a permanent settlement: “Captain Standish, Master Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winslow, John Tilley, Edward Tilley, John Howland, and three of London, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, and Edward Doty, and two of our seamen, John Allerton and Thomas English. Of the ship's company there went two of the master's mates, Master Clarke and Master Coppin, the master gunner, and three sailors.”

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