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Mayflower, Day by Day - Saturday, 26 December 1620

26 Dec 2020 2:46 AM | Soule (Administrator)

Comes in with fair wind for Plymouth.

Weighed anchor and put to sea again and made harbour safely this time, the shallop in company.  “But it pleased God that the next day, being Saturday the 16th day [old style], the wind came fair and we put to sea again, and came safely into a safe harbour; and within half an hour the wind changed, so as if we had been letted [i.e., hindered or delayed] but a little, we had gone back to Cape Cod.” Let go anchors just within a long spur of beach a mile or more from shore. This is the end of the Mayflower’s outward voyage: one hundred and two days from Plymouth (England) to Plimoth (New England), one hundred and fifty-five days from London.

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