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Mayflower, Day by Day - Friday, 1 January [1620]/21

1 Jan 2021 3:01 AM | Soule (Administrator)

At anchor, Plymouth harbour

The storm continues, so that no one could go ashore, or those on land come aboard. 

This morning goodwife Allerton was delivered of a son, but still-born. He was the third child born on board the ship since leaving England (all boys!) — the first in this harbour.

Note that although we start the new year on 1 January, the Julian calendar still used by the Pilgrims did not start the new calendar year until 25 March (the anniversary of Jesus’ Incarnation).  Thus the year from today through the end of March would be 1620 to the Pilgrims and the English, but 1621 to most of the rest of the world and to us, who follow the Gregorian calendar.  Years in this blog will accordingly be “double dated.”  This change is in addition to the addition of ten days that occurred with the transition to the Gregorian calendar (so that while 1 January 1621 would be exactly 400 years ago in the Gregorian calendar, the exact same day would be 22 December 1620 in the Julian calendar).

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