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Mary Beckett Research

Mary Beckett Research

The Mary Buckett initiative, part of the Women of the Mayflower Female Surname Research Project, was led by Caleb H. Johnson, a leading genealogist and historian.  It was funded jointly by the Women of the Mayflower Committee of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and Soule Kindred in America as part of an effort to learn more about the origins of Pilgrim women.  Johnson is the editor of The Mayflower Descendant, and has uncovered the English origins of several Mayflower passengers.

Research completed in 2013 on the origins of Mary Buckett, wife of Mayflower Pilgrim George Soule, reveals that her family name was probably Beckett, and that she may have been born and raised in Hertfordshire, England.  In 2015, Soule Kindred requested that Caleb Johnson pursue a more in-depth look at the previously identified Mary Beckett of Watford, build a comprehensive picture of her family, and explore relationships among the Beckett, Alden and Warren families of Hertfordshire.

To read Caleb Johnson's full 2013 report, click here.

To read Caleb Johnson's full 2015 report, click here.

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