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George Soule's origins and those of his wife, Mary Beckett, have been unknown for almost 400 years.  Soule Kindred has worked to change that for many years.  Starting in 2002, a major push was made to discover where George was born and who his parents might be.  As you will see in Research on George Soule's Origins (click on link below), many possible George Soules have been eliminated, but our George Soule has yet to be found.  The search does continue, however, through the use of DNA.  To learn more, click on SKA DNA Project below.

In contrast, recent research on George's wife, Mary Beckett, has identified a truly promising candidate, Mary Beckett of Watford, Hertfordshire, England.  Her age is right and possible connections to another Pilgrim family make her a likely candidate although there is as yet no definitive proof that this Mary Beckett is our Mary Beckett.  You can read more by clicking on Research on Mary Beckett's Origins below.

Research on George Soule's Origins

Research on Mary Beckett's Origins

SKA DNA Project

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