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Soule Kindred In America

SKA DNA Project

In 2005 Soule Kindred set up the Soule project at Family Tree DNA, a genetic testing company located in Houston, TX.  DNA projects create an opportunity for people to work with others to explore their common genetic heritage.  The Soule project invites all known male descendants of George Soule or those with a similar name to join the project.  As of 2016, there are 152 members in the Soule project with 40 male George Soule descendants who match marker I-M253, a marker that is carried by 10% - 15% of Northwestern Europeans.  In a 2010 interview with Soule Kindred Research Committee Chair Marcy Kelly Brubaker, Bennett Greenspan, President of Family Tree DNA said, "It can reasonably be speculated that an ancestor of George Soule crossed into Europe with the Vikings between the 5th and 14th centuries.  Where he settled was likely England, Germany, or the British Isles." (Soule Kindred Newsletter, Vol. 44, No. 3 - Summer 2010)

DNA Markers

Soule Kindred in 2016 is embarking on a new research project to find George Soule's roots.  The new effort will involve identifying men in England with the surname Soule, Sole, Solley or similar spellings.  If they have a continuous male line back to about 1600, they will be asked to volunteer their DNA to compare to the DNA of American male Soule descendants who have already been tested as part of the Soule project at Family Tree DNA. (Soule Kindred Newsletter, Vol. 50, No. 2 - Summer 2016)

Your donation to the Col. John Soule Bequest Fund will help support the Soule Kindred DNA project and other research into George Soule's origins.  If you are a direct male descendant of George Soule, please consider joining the Soule project at Family Tree DNA and providing your DNA.  If you wish to learn more about the Soule project at Family Tree DNA or have questions about the project, you can contact the project administrator Louise Throop.

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