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Soule Kindred In America


Since the founding of Soule Kindred in America in 1967 through the present our Soule Kindred Newsletter has been a vehicle to further the mission of our organization.  As stated by our founders, one of our purposes is to study and promote knowledge and understanding of Mayflower passenger George Soule, his life and contributions to the colony. 

We are grateful for the fifteen members who have served over the years as our Newsletter Editor, and we acknowledge the generous support from the Luke and Merle Soules Family Foundation that has enabled the Soule Kindred Newsletters to be scanned and therefore that you are able to view them on our Soule Kindred website.

Finally, we hope that you will enjoy browsing our Newsletters.  Please feel to contact us if you have questions, want to share any successes and/or challenges in your genealogical adventures, and your knowledge about experiences in achieving the mission of SKA.

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