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Soule Kindred In America

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Family Tree Database and Index

The Soule Kindred in America (SKA) Family Tree Database (FTD) is an exciting, ongoing collaborative effort to gather and make available information on all of the descendants of Pilgrim George Soule and his wife, Mary Beckett, starting with the fifth generation and continuing forward to current descendants.  

Creating a complete George Soule Family Tree has long been a dream of our organization. Indeed, SKA was founded in 1967 in order to gather information and document George Soule’s descendants.  Now, technology allows SKA members to literally work together to build the complete George Soule Family Tree, branch by branch, descendant by descendant.  This is accomplished by members of SKA entering their descendancy of George and Mary (Beckett) Soule to the database.   All SKA members are invited to be a part of this exciting endeavor.  We welcome you to become a member of SKA and add your lineage to the FTD.

PLEASE NOTE:  The SKA and the FTD are maintained on separate websites and require separate registrations and separate logins.  To register for a user account on the FTD, FIRST you must become a member of SKA.  Then you may register for a user account on FTD.  Only dues paying members, as a benefit of membership, have full access to the FTD to enter their lineages.

To become a member of SKA, fill out a membership application form.  When filling out the application, please list your line of descent from George Soule down to yourself.  This information is necessary if you will be registering for a user account on the FTD site.  If you do not know your lineage, once you are a member, the Lineage Assistance Committee of SKA will offer to help.  You do not have to list your lineage to become a member; only if you wish to access the FTD. Click here to Join SKA.

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